Beyond this door lies RED TIDE.

Beyond this door lies RED TIDE.

Who Will Survive the RED TIDE?

Logline: A terminally-ill biologist and her team discover an abandon research ship and find themselves in a deadly fight to stop a horrific genetic mutation... but what they think will destroy mankind, may ultimately save it. 


Dr. Alex Chen, a world-renown marine biologist spends her days studying the effects of a major nuclear disaster on sea life in the Pacific Ocean.

When Alex is invited to join a small team of scientists to do research in the remote waters off the coast of Alaska, the group discovers an abandoned Japanese research ship

On-board the ship, Alex and the team learn a terrible truth: the ship is has become a nest of mutated creatures spawned from a genetic medical experiment gone horribly wrong.

Unable to escape from the infected ship adrift in freezing waters, the team, one by one, is overcome by the mutations. Alex soon has no choice but to stop the spread of the creatures alone, even if it means sacrificing herself.

If she fails, mankind will be overcome by this new, evolutionary predator.

Who will survive the RED TIDE?


Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Casting: In Progress


Brian Young is an EMMY nominated director for the film 'The Mountain Runners'. 

Writer Chris Donaldson (with partner James Roman) won the $10,000 grand prize for the script 'Fuel'.  Their script 'Julian's Trench' was a Nicholl Awards semi-finalist, and their script 'Scouts Honor' was optioned by Momentum Films. 


Brian Young 

Emmy nominated director. 

Brian is an Emmy-nominated, award-winning, writer/director with a background in photography, fine art, history and theatre production. Brian started creating films at the age of fifteen and had his narrative feature film theatrical directorial debut in 1999 with “COUNTING DAYS”.

Brian’s recent film projects include the epic scaled, Telly award-winning “CHAPEL HILL” an American Civil War drama which incorporated hundreds of actors, stunts and battle scenes. He recently garnered multiple awards including “Best of Festival” for his short film “IN THE GARDEN GROWING”

He taught “Advanced Feature Film Production Techniques” at the Northwest Film School and is frequently invited to speak at schools and universities. He was honored to be Master of Ceremonies and moderator at the “Native Experience in Film Festival.”

His lastest feature, “THE MOUNTAIN RUNNERS,” included the talents of William B. Davis (X-Files "Smoking Man") and Kevin Tighe (LOST, What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and has been covered in national publications and won multiple awards on the international film festival circuit from Innsbruck, Austria to Eugene, Oregon. The film has screened on three continents as well as theaters across the US. “The Mountain Runners” television broadcast debut was in May 2013.


Chris Donaldson

Award winning writer.

Chris has spent the last four years of his career at Hand Crank Films helping people tell powerful stories through film. As Executive Producer, Chris works to develop new ways to grow brands, audiences and distribution channels to maximize communication and sales - and his writing has won numerous ADDY's, Telly's and the $10,000 grand prize for the script 'Fuel' at the Pipeline Into Motion Pictures. 

Before Hand Crank Films, Chris worked as the Marketing Director for two independent film distributors promoting DVD and digital properties like The Avengers, Little House on the Prairie, Daniel Boone and many more. He also co-founded the streaming media company RadicalMail, which raised $30 million in venture capital and was named one of the ‘Top 40′ innovations of 2001′ by AdWeek.


John Rodsett
(Film Business Consultant)

Over 30 years producing and distributing premier film and video content. 

John's impressive business resume includes being an executive at 20th Century Fox as well as owner of one of the most successful independent film production and distribution companies in Los Angeles. His expertise at film sales in particular  will help ensure that RED TIDE is a successful venture for our investor partners by maximizing revenue opportunities both domestically and abroad.  


Effects Supervisor: Mitch Suskin

Three-time Emmy Award-Winning effects master Mitch Suskin brings his talent to the project to oversee the effects. Mitch's work reads like a Who's Who of famous creature-effects films including: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cocoon, Splash, Poltergeist, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise, and TV's LOST.

Visual Effects: Eric Chauvin

Two time Emmy Award-Winning effects artist Eric Chauvin brings his talent to the project to create many of the special effects needed to bring the visual effects to life on the screen. Eric,'resume includes The Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition, Contact and The Mask. His television projects include Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, The X-Files, Alias and Lost. His company, Black Pool Studios, has a client list that includes George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic, Fox Television, Paramount Pictures, Touchstone Television and Warner Bros.